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  My friend, we are all slaves of the nature, we have to obey her if we want to conquer her. Once we break the law, trouble and annoyance will seize the opportunity and break into our life. The way to clear our worries is to give our natural impulse a chance to vent.




  People are born to be active, aggressive,and creative. This is the principle of nature, we can enjoy happiness if we conform to the nature law otherwise we may be lost in anxiety.




  The fun of life is half done with interacting with the world, and half with feeling everything around us.




  Appreciation is all about discovering interests and delights in our daily life. Taking drinking tea as an example, tea-lovers usually take a sip and appreciate its flavour while others may just gulp down the tea.




  The reason why many great men, in ancient or modern times, can calmly deal with incidents in disturbance and panic is composure.




  Once you begin with a book of little worth, you will lose your time and energy on reading a more valuable one, thus it is necessary to make a discreet choice on books.




  You should know that reading, like expedition, can not totally rely on others’ instructions, you have to make your own way.




  I have never seen anyone that follow the told “ten books the youth should read” or “100 world-famous books” succeed to be a learned man. Other people can only give guidance, the final choice is up to you.




  The most important thing is to cultivate a habit of reading, that is to say the interest you should find in reading. There is a chance that you may get into bad habits after leaving school if you lack such a hobby, or something you can rely on to express your heart in your spare time.